Plan C has been experimenting with the techniques of consciousness raising for a while, trying to reinvent them for contemporary circumstances.

Over the last few months two of our members Nadia Idle and Keir Milburn have picked up this project developing a consciousness raising workshop to uncover the post-capitalist desires being produced today. In this, they pick up from the work of Mark Fisher who was also a Plan C member and was writing a book called Acid Communism before his untimely death. You can read Nadia and Keir’s discussion of the thinking behind their workshop, called Building Acid Communism on the transmediale journal website.

If you’re interested in developing discussion around this theme do get in touch, or maybe even attend a local Plan C group workshop if there’s one near you – for example, an adapted form of the workshop Keir and Nadia developed is being given by Plan C Brighton on Tuesday 23rd October.