In the last couple of weeks Germany has been swept with a wave of racist attacks on asylum shelters, mosques and migrants. Last weekend in the eastern town of Heidenau near Dresden, Nazis started racist riots in an attempt to stop refugees moving into a new shelter in the town. On the Saturday evening antiracists and antifascists had to leave town because police couldn’t guarantee their safety. On Sunday 350 Antifas went to Heidenau and got done what the police weren’t able to: they fought back against the nazis, but afterwards were brutally attacked without any warning by the German police.

All the “ums Ganze!” Bündnis (“Ums Ganze!” network) are currently involved in the struggles. For instance, in Cologne comrades organised a big anti-racist demo and are currently preparing to stop the right-populist party of “Pro Köln” who want to protest outside a refugee shelter there on Saturday.

via Beyond Europe