The Education Commission has released a new report, Behind the Facade, the Farce in which we look back at some of the central effects and changes that have been the result of the Education Act 2011 and outline the bleak landscape of higher education as universities increasingly function as sources of profit.

About The Education Commission: 

Students, lecturers, admin workers, teachers, parents and anybody else interested in education are invited to join The Education Commission. We aim to research and take action around the current conditions in the education sector. In the wake of the UK Border Agency’s revocation of London Met’s Highly Trusted Sponsor Status and consequent plans to deport potentially thousands of international students along with further plans for privatisation across the sector, we propose to investigate and take action around the changing nature of the education in the UK since the abolition of the EMA and mass increase of university tuition fees in 2011.

We aim to draw together student, parent, and education workers’ experiences as well as available data in order to produce and disseminate as accurate a picture as possible of the current state and trends in higher education in the UK. We do so in support of and solidarity with current and future struggles in education.

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