As social, political and ecological crises gather pace, we see the capitalists’ utopia as our dystopia. Our visions are dismissed as utopian because we dare to dream of a life unmediated by capital’s domination. We are told we cannot afford empty utopian thinking, but utopia is something we should reclaim. We want to ask what we rarely have time to mention: what will our cities and countryside look like in the world beyond capitalism and nation states? How will we care for, feed and house one another in a society defined by needs, abilities and desires rather than profit and accumulation? What will time mean when it ceases to be stolen from us?

We will begin the weekend by setting our compass towards a shared vision, making concrete plans to build autonomous radical movements in the UK and beyond.

Capitalism reproduces itself not only through domestic exploitation, but also through violent colonialisms past and present. Dominant states in the global north band together and co-opt elite classes of the global south to loot resources, and discipline producing populations to the madness of global Empire’s economic “rationality” – causing untold ecological disaster at home and abroad. So our unashamedly utopian red horizons must include the vision of new transnational relationships worldwide. We must build solidarity as a key part of our practice, learning from and building common ground with anti-capitalist and anti-state struggles across the globe, smashing the false borders that divide us. Everything for everyone everywhere!

We know we need to change the world, and all around us inspiring struggles prefigure collective liberation, but how can we bring our struggles together into a revolutionary multitude ready to win by any means necessary? Even if we think electoral politics has a role in opening space, it’s up to us to fill that space with the content of another possible world. If we see revolutions not as singular events, but as rolling, uneven, and combined processes involving ruptures, defeats and victories, then to be effective together we must recognise the need for a collective direction of travel, a means to navigate and a destination.

During the weekend we will learn, teach, and plot ideas for how to build autonomy against capital and the state. We will respond to the material stresses of poverty by expropriating supermarkets, running radical food-banks and fighting against Universal Credit. We will take control of our cities by liberating territories, building radical unions, and resisting evictions. We will de-legitimise work, fighting for the living wage and building social strikes. We will create our own infrastructure, running social centres and self-managing welfare, physical and mental healthcare, and alternative education. We will redistribute reproductive labour to strengthen everyone’s ability to fight, confronting gender oppression, transphobia in the feminist movement and beyond, and all sexual violence. We will intervene in the logistics of transnational capital, assaulting its many ecological manifestations, and providing practical, militant solidarity with our siblings’ struggles in the global south.

All these examples are ideas of what building autonomy means in reality. Through interconnected discussions, readings, workshops, assemblies and parties; we invite you to develop concrete plans for building our material and political autonomy – now. Hopefully you, your groups and campaigns are interested in presenting at Fast Forward workshops and presentations. If you are, please message

Plan C warmly invites you to bring yourselves, your ideas and your creativity to join us for 3 days on 17-19 August 2018, Thornbridge, Derbyshire.