Building Autonomy: Concrete Plans towards Red Horizons

On the 17-19 August deep in the rolling hills of Derbyshire (and the amazing Thornbridge Outdoors site) Plan C will host its infamous Fast Forward Festival yet again. Previously described by attendees as “F*cking perfect”, “So good I began to put into action our plans for proletarian freedom the day after the festival” and “Not too shabby to be honest” – this year’s Fast Forward will focus on the theme of Autonomy. Festival programme details available here.

noun, plural au·ton·o·mies.

  1. independence or freedom, as of the will or one’s actions.
  2. the condition of being autonomous; self-government or the right of self-government.
  3. a self-governing community.

During the weekend we will learn, teach, and plot ideas for how to build autonomy against capital and the state. We will plan and scheme and forge concrete methods for building our own future. We will respond to the material stresses of poverty by expropriating supermarkets, running radical food-banks and fighting against Universal Credit. We will take control of our cities by liberating territories, building radical unions, and resisting evictions. We will de-legitimise work, fighting for the living wage and building social strikes. We will create our own infrastructure, running social centres and self-managing welfare, physical and mental healthcare, and alternative education. We will redistribute reproductive labour to strengthen everyone’s ability to fight, confronting gender oppression, transphobia in the feminist movement and beyond, and all sexual violence. We will intervene in the logistics of transnational capital, assaulting its many ecological manifestations, and providing practical, militant solidarity with our siblings’ struggles in the global south. We will do these things with joy, with victory assured.

All these examples are ideas of what building autonomy means in reality. Through interconnected discussions, readings, workshops, assemblies and parties; we invite you to develop concrete plans for building our material and political autonomy – now.

Some way from, but by no means not part of, the future is the festival itself. In deep Derbyshire we have a chance to escape from work and urban drudgery, spending time with friends and comrades, learning and educating and of course partying. We have no doubt that we will leave the company our friends and fellow travellers feeling rested, inspired and undoubtedly victorious.

An upcoming institution of the communist movement here in the UK, Fast Forward Festival is part of the beginning of the future. Without doubt a time and place you can look back on and say “I was there” somewhere culturally between Spike Island ’90 and Petrograd ’17. You don’t want to miss out.

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