Plan C is an organisation made up of members and local Plan C groups spread across the UK

There are a lot of ways to get involved prior to membership or setting up a local group that might help you get a sense of how we organise and what the right kind of involvement is for you.

Meet us
If you live close to one of our local groups, or pass through where they meet, you might want to attend an event, or email them to be put on their mailing list. Email addresses for each local group are here.

We run an annual festival called Fast Forward in the summer that is open to all. Have a look at previous years here and keep and eye out for upcoming tickets!

Every six months we run a Congress (with the groups taking it in turns to host) that fellow travellers and people interested in learning more can attend. There are also a number of working groups within and adjacent to Plan C that don’t necessarily require you to be a member to participate (depending on how the specific project is being organised). To find out about these, email your most local group or come along to an event.

You might be interested in our magazine, b a m n, which you can buy, subscribe to, and read a selection of here. We also publish on our website blog, and b a m n editors are open to pitches for new articles.

Follow, Talk, Befriend
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If you want to organise as a member of Plan C then you can fill in the joining form below. Plan C membership is national and members pay subs based on what they feel they can afford. When you have sent the form one of our Regional Coordinators will get in touch with you about joining. After you join if you’re close to a local group you’ll most likely start meeting with them, if not you’ll want to get involved in our online forum, join one of our themed clusters or a national working group. See our ‘About’ page for our approach to organising.

You won’t receive a confirmation email straight away, but we will have your application as soon as you press ‘Apply to Join’. Our membership group will get back to you as soon as they can, but please bear in mind we are all doing this in our spare time. You may need to check your spam folder for initial email responses.

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