March 8th 2017 TSS Journal : Chronicles of a Global Uprising


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…On the 8th of March women all over the world showed that the transnational social strike is possible and has to be feminist in order to become a global mass practice to overturn the present. In turn, women’s strike has shown clearly that the strike is the way in which today mass movements are organizing themselves on a transnational scale. Women’s strike cannot be reduced to a “women’s issue”. The general uprising that we saw on March 8th found in the strike the common watchword able to unify different practices of disruption of the present and to connect them with the current global circulation of the strike. In each place, the call for the global women’s strike made something new happen…

Click on the picture below to download the pdf journal with the whole editorial text and reports from Sweden, France, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Italy and Ireland.

Thanks to Love Lagerkvist for the graphics!

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