14:00: Welcome to the Climate Justice Assembly 

The climate crisis is a global problem, it requires both global and collective solutions across all of our struggles. What do we mean by climate justice and how can we build an intersectional climate justice movement in Britain? 

14:40: Creating Our Collective History 

What key struggles, protests, mobilisations, and campaigns have occurred in the last years 2019-2022? 

What key attacks, new laws and policies, and strategies of the ruling class / the state have we seen in the last years 2019-2022?

15:40: Break 

16:00: Small Group Discussions 

How is the climate crisis already affecting your community, workplace, region, and household? 

How do you think the climate crisis will affect you in the future?

How is the climate crisis related to the struggles you are already experiencing? 

16:30: Building an Intersectional Climate Justice Movement 

Weaving our struggles together – what are the key moments, struggles and issues that your community, workplace, region, and household are facing in the coming two years, 2022 – 2024?

17:30 – 18:00: Infrastructure and Building Collective Capacities