The end of the world is already here, in fact, we’ve been living through it for a long time. Be it the threat of nuclear war, financial meltdowns, the collapse of care systems, racist policing and more and harder borders or ecological destruction: it’s the fully-fledged era of the crises of capitalism. The climate crisis has gone from something happening decades from now to a full-blown apocalypse in just a few years. Headlines scream flood and fire, and we’ve learned new words: firenado, weather bomb, parts per million, wet bulb temperature.

Every day it’s clearer that we’re passing the limits of irreversible damage. We’re not going to be able to save the world as it was – but neither should we want to save the society that we have.. The multiplicity of crises is not going to be uprooted by more of the same. False solutions promised by government and business are not going to save us, but neither are tepid policy documents promising ‘green jobs’, tech solutions based on increased neo-colonial resource extraction tied with human rights abuse, nor the nihilism of dreams of our own extinction. We need to move, not ‘to’ the end of the world, but ‘beyond’ the end of the world.

The solutions that we adopt to respond to the climate crisis can and must confront all others. They will require us to imagine how we radically transform the way our lives and societies are organised. What does this future look like and how do we get there? Where are the fault lines in the crises that we can crack open? Where are the overlaps of struggles that we can strengthen? How do we steer away from defeatist, nationalist, racist and even authoritarian responses? How do we collectively transcend the end of the world?

Plan C invites you to a Climate Justice Convergence, on the occasion of our belated 10th anniversary. Learn and educate ourselves across workshops, discussions and talks // strategise and plan together at a movement-wide assembly // eat together at collective dinners // party together like the world is ending.

1-3 June 2022
Pelican House, Cambridge Road Bethnal Green, London 

Tickets are free but you need to register