As a result of decades of blood, sweat and tears from movements predominantly in the majority world, we are now riding a wave of public awareness and calls to ‘act’. From mass public sit-downs and occupation of public spaces to youth strikes and blockades of fossil fuel infrastructure. As a result of these actions, we are at a moment where the vast majority of the population in Britain already agrees that climate change is a real impending threat caused by human activity. Even the mainstream media is now flooded with articles acknowledging the critical dimensions of the contemporary crisis and the need for action to be taken immediately. We are yet to see governments take the necessary, immediate, drastic measures to stop climate change. 

The question that movements have been concerned with is how to move this awareness into effective, sustained mass action. Listen and discuss with different direct movements about their experiences in mobilising and designing direct action strategies. What kind of new actions and tactics would be the most effective? What have we learned from our experiences?