Join Red Plenty Games for climate change focussed Social Strike Game   

What kind of actions could bring your city to a halt? Which groups could pull those actions off by working together? How can we tackle environmental crises while moving to a freer and more just society?

The Social Strike Game is a group strategy game that’s fun for all the comrades. It’s an opportunity to use your imagination to figure out the ways an array of different groups and resources in a city can coordinate to develop social struggle in a direction that strengthens community, deals with crises, responds to significant events, and builds movements against capital and climate change. You’ll play in groups representing imaginary cities to propose actions – from handing out flyers to taking up arms, from sharing a meal to blocking the roads – to a back-drop of developing situations across a period of a year. Just like real life, some of these actions may have unintended consequences, beneficial and calamitous!