On Capitalist Realism and Acid Communism

In this workshop, we will be examining the work of the theorist Mark Fisher, who died earlier this year. Mark was an important influence on many in Plan C, as a thinker, comrade and friend and the workshop is partly driven by a desire to embed his ideas and approach within our ongoing work. To do so we will be discussing Mark’s seminal book, Capitalist Realism and thinking about the context within which it was written and received, in order to compare that with the situation within which we now find ourselves. Are we seeing the first cracks in Capitalist Realism? If so, how should we change what we do and think? We will also be examining how Mark’s ideas developed after Capitalist Realism, including his ideas on popular modernism, consciousness raising and, in particular, Mark’s work towards his unfinished book, Acid Communism.

Note: For this Fast Forward session, and a few others, we are circulating accompanying material which will feature in the discussion or provide some useful context. However, it should be emphasised that doing the reading/watching is strictly non-compulsory. Participants could prepare for this session by:

a. (Re)reading Capitalist Realism (this would be beneficial but not essential)

b. Watching the video embedded here

c. Or by engaging with any of Mark’s other works gathered here

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