Mental Health Under Capitalism is an anti-capitalist solidarity and support group. We meet monthly and discuss how capitalism has a negative impact on our mental health and relationships with others. We take an intersectional approach and look at how capitalism impacts marginalised groups.

Our meetings tend to follow this format: first, we have a discussion on a topic. For FF we are hoping to do a mix of topics: how capitalism affects our mental health and how we can build communities of care to support one another. This is an interactive session which will encourage attendees to speak and share their experiences if they are comfortable doing so, we will talk as a large group but also in small groups and feedback discussions. After the first part, we will have a 15-minute access break. Following this we will have our solidarity and support group. During this part of the session we break down into smaller groups and enable people to take turns or talk about their experiences of the topic or just to speak about how their week is going and if there is anything that has been on their mind in particular that is having an impact on their mental health.

Note: For this Fast Forward Session, and a few others, we are circulating an accompanying text which will feature in the discussion or provide some useful context. However, it should be emphasised that doing the reading is strictly non-compulsory.