Sarah Patton, a member of Plan C who spent 9 months working for the civil side of the Rojava revolution, will present a talk about the day-to-day realities of building a revolution, implementing a system of self-governance, and doing the hard-yards of organising in communities to convince people of socialist and feminist values.

At first glance the situation in Rojava is looking bright: ISIS is defeated, Raqqa is liberated, and elections have been held at the commune and canton level. Yet large questions still remain about the future of Rojava: will Turkey advance further in their invasion beyond Afrin, can the economic embargo be broken, and can the values of the revolution continue to spread?

This presentation will focus on how revolutionary feminist values are enshrined in Democratic Confederalism, the system of self-governance employed in the canton providing a level of political and social autonomy from the Syrian state, on a large scale. We will also look at how this enables the values of the revolution to be transmitted, and how this effects everyday life, particularly for women.

This is a great opportunity to hear about first hand experiences of Rojava and have your questions answered.