Post-work and anti-work are (back) on the mainstream agenda. Politicians, activists, trade unions, academics, journalists, think tanks and Silicon Valley celebs are all making noises around the prospects of technological unemployment, the state of precarious work and alternatives to present welfare provisions. We stand at a critical juncture where the future political economy (and therefore practice) of work is at stake: it is up to us to shape its trajectory.

In a session run by two of the founders of Autonomy, an independent think tank established to tackle these issues, we will be discussing post-work strategy, underlining the issues that we should focus on most and picking out the best set of post-work demands to take into our organisations, workplaces and unions.

The session will include a brief introduction to the current debates/state of post-work politics as well as to Autonomy’s activity in this area. It will proceed with an open discussion with participants around next steps for the movement and concrete strategies for maintaining and developing a radical alternative to current working life.