Join us in playing Social Strike: The Game. An incremental scenario planning game in which teams try to set the conditions for a social strike that will help transform a notional city. You will be provided with a list of groups and resources within your city and then given an initial scenario. You will have to discuss together and work out what to do. You have to react to initial conditions while trying to build capacity for the future. Each decision will affect the resources you have to react to subsequent events. Can you work out a strategy for socializing a strike by adding leverage or redirecting its affects? How do you build up support in the city if your actions are disruptive? How can you struggle on the level of a city while keep an eye on wider events? What forms of power are you try to build?

Answering such questions is a lot of fun and, we hope, will help people grasp the Social Strike strategy that Plan C have been helping to develop.