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Fast Forward 2014 (FF14), commonly known as the Plan C festival, is part mini-break, part exploration of the problems we face as a (pro) revolutionary minority in a far from revolutionary situation. We want to get as many people interested in these questions as possible to Edale in the Peak District (between Manchester and Sheffield) to discuss these questions together in a spirit of generosity and comradeliness. We hope to run this event annually as a space for reflection, discussion and planning.

What to expect at Edale?

We have booked out a 160-person youth hostel in Edale and have organised catering on-site. Every attendee will have a bed to sleep in and food provided for them. As well as the political content we are also organising a bar, outdoor activities for kids and everyone, and some films. We are committed to making the space an enjoyable and safe(er) one for all. We are also committed to providing suitable childcare for our younger attendees (more info below).

Did we mention the hostel is in the middle of a stunning national park at the foot of a mountain?

FF14 is about providing a space for discussion away from the distraction of our everyday lives. We will be 5 miles from the nearest town and hope the festival provides the space (both physically and mentally) to open up and discussions and build shared politics as far as possible away from the stress, anxiety and hassle of the towns and cities we live and organise in.

What is happening at Fast Forward 2014?

We have approached this festival like we approach our political activity: that we do not know all the answers to all the questions and that we will only develop our ideas if we approach these questions in a generous and comradely way.

We have curated what we think is three days of interesting discussions mixing larger plenary style sessions, with smaller and more focused workshops hosted by individuals and groups. Plan C has organised the logistical side of the event but we will not be running all of the sessions and there are still some slots for other groups to run their own events.

We hope this schedule will help us to develop and understand the world we find ourselves organising within. We want to promote self-education and the process of building shared politics, instead of imparting dogma. We hope FF14 can be a space to develop the tools and build the links necessary to further develop the strategies we will need to move beyond a world dominated by states, nations and capital.


Our provisional programme can be viewed here:


Activities for kids planned


Everyone gets a bed! For some they’ll even be your own room to share 🙂


Some information for those coming:
PLEASE NOTE: we strongly recommend you arrive…
to be collected by mini-bus on the train getting into Edale at 1.30pm
(Friday 12th September) or (if you are coming by car) to the YHA at 2pm.

In solidarity

Plan C