All My Bosses are Dead and their Algorithms are in Power – What is the Future of Work?

In the spread of platforms like Deliveroo and Uber we are seeing a new kind of employment structure, which is prompting new kinds of worker struggle. Meanwhile, in workplaces like supermarkets call centres and warehouses, work has been undergoing a process of intense technological transformation. Platform capitalism and the wider trend towards algorithmic management seem to be reshaping much of the low-wage and precarious labour market. The concrete experience of ‘work’ seems to be in flux, and the ‘workers’ movement’ is even more so.

And what about social reproduction? How has the ‘work’ in housework held up? The shift towards a service economy has meant the direct marketisation of many socially reproductive relationships and has forced us back to the question: how do you strike when you care?

Join us to discuss what the future of work is, what role the struggle of workers can play in a working class movement towards counter-power.

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