Yesterday a meme about the Left in London was circulated, which included a panel about Plan C. Like anything else in this format, the meme was ironic and purposefully edgy, and we understand this comes with the medium. We have noted that the panel on Plan C included descriptions such as “sex pests”, “cover ups” and “toxic group dynamics”. Beyond irony, this makes implications about our approach to sexual violence which we consider serious. 

As a revolutionary organisation embedded in the feminist movement, we want to reaffirm that we are committed to restorative justice, and that we take allegations of sexual violence extremely seriously regardless of the context in which they occur. We know that when people raise these issues they are overwhelmingly dismissed, ignored or not believed, and we strive to dismantle such detrimental cultures.

As such we extend an open invitation to anyone who needs to raise a complaint about members of Plan C, and commit to finding appropriate ways for any complaints to be heard fairly and in good faith. Our Care and Justice group is led by women and non-binary members, and is committed to working confidentially and compassionately to support anyone who has been hurt, and to challenge, change and make accountable patriarchal and violent behaviour. They have dealt with several cases inside and outside the organisation, and any issues raised about Plan C organisers in London will be handled by C&J members from other areas. If you have anything to raise please contact them at careandjustice@weareplanc.org

Love & Solidarity,

Plan C LDN