London Plan C invites you to the Plan C National Congress to be held in London on the weekend of 17th and 18th August 2013.

We would like to encourage as many people who feel attached to Plan C as possible to attend the Congress. In particular we want to encourage the involvement of people who want to be involved but are isolated from existing groups. Please feel free to circulate this invitation to networks, groups and individuals that might be interested.

To facilitate involvement we put together a pre-congress bulletin to help focus discussion and make sure proposals are discussed and understood in advance.  Please send us discussion points and concise proposals. The deadline for contributions to this bulletin is 1st August. The bulletin will be sent out  2nd August. Leeds Plan C will use the contributions to draw up the agenda, which we aim to circulate by 5th August. Responses to the pre-congress bulletin and additional proposals will be able to submitted for the congress bulletin up until 12th August.

Practically London Plan C commits to finding suitable accommodation and will organise the food for attendees. We will arrange a social on the Saturday and will collectivise childcare arrangements. Attendees will have to arrange their own transport.

Please email us if you intend to attend so we can plan numbers.

In Solidarity,
London Plan C