Come and join us on the streets – hot banners and slogans guaranteed!

Plan C have called a bloc for the national anti-austerity march in London on Saturday June 20th. Over 100,000 people are expected to fill the streets starting at the Bank of England in the heart of the financial district. Plan C will be marching in a tightly organised bloc that will be forming outside Bishopsgate Institute 230 Bishopsgate, EC2M 4QH at 12.00 – aiming to march to the main meet-up around 1pm, so be sure to arrive early or you might loose us!

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We are also organising an all day creche. Please contact for more info.

Leaflet Text and Call out we will be handing out during the day:

Everything for Everyone

Austerity is working just fine.

We can’t keep hoping that the powerful will wake up to reason and stop the Plan A of Austerity. Why would they? It’s working for them.

The rich don’t suffer from austerity. They profit from it. Their lives are shielded away from the high-frequency trading hyperreality of capitalism. This vortex of violence is for their benefit. Capital rolls on, trailing food banks, evictions and zero-hour contracts in its wake. Capital isn’t restrained by borders, but guard dog states enforce them on the majority of the worlds populations, looking on as thousands of people drown in the Mediterranean. Capital absorbs everything and everyone, and spits us out when we are no longer useful.

There is no solace to be found in Plan B – a call for the return to the social democracy of old. Whilst capital is still in power, it will quickly extinguish anything which threatens its capacity to profit. Calls to turn back to the old days mutate into demands to reinstate racist violence and xenophobia, while everything we produce continues to be stolen from us: our wealth, our health, our creativity, our compassion.

We won’t be saved by the Green surge, a left-turning Labour, or proposals to tinker with the terms of our corporate kleptocracy.

Together, we must stand. Everything for Everyone.

Counter-power is growing, the only way to secure our own lives and futures becomes a threat to the stability of capital. It is the movement we need and the reality that we all have a stake in constructing.

Everything for Everyone. That is our Plan C.