Kick Boris Out continues its campaign to oust Boris Johnson from his seat with a street party this Saturday. Along with sound systems and dancing, #FCKBoris activists will be registering people to vote. Their aim is to get thousands of people registered by the 26th November deadline.

One activist commented: “We’re joining together to show that Boris and his racist, elitist politics are not welcome in Uxbridge, in 10 Downing Street, or anywhere else.

“Boris has already tried to hold an election at a time that stops students voting – so we want to get every student in Uxbridge ready to vote. He has tried to introduce voter ID laws to block 11million – mostly BAME, private renters and young people – from voting. So we will register the hell out of them!”

Johnson’s constituency majority was only 5,000 votes at the last election – the smallest of any Prime Minister – so #FCKBoris activists are hoping to make him the first sitting Prime Minister to lose his constituent seat since 1906.

Tommy Corbyn, son of the Labour leader has joined the campaign saying:

“Boris Johnson represents everything that is wrong with our politics today. He’s an elitist, racist, born-to-rule Etonian who seems to genuinely believe that he’s somehow better than everyone else and entitled to the office he holds. It would be poetic justice of the best possible kind to see him kicked out on his arse.

“I’m very excited to be joining the #FckBoris campaign, as a great man once said ‘Fuck the government and fuck Boris’. I look forward to seeing Uxbridge turn red this Christmas.”

The #KickBorisOut campaign is also holding at least 25 DIY Register and Rave parties across the country to register people to vote. These kicked off last weekend in Glasgow and Barnet, with raves, gigs, stalls and artist popups.

The #FCKBoris campaign began on 24th July, the day Johnson took office, when thousands of activists shut down central London with a street party. The activists believe the PM is the figurehead of toxic, privileged politicians who British voters should oust at the upcoming election.

Find out more about the street party here or follow the #FCKBoris activists at @FCKBoris on Twitter,@FckGovtFckBoris on Facebook or @FckGovtFckBorison Instagram.