We as leftists, anarchists and feminists in London support the Kobanê resistance, and will be joining our Kurdish comrades in the global rally on November 1st.

We are going to this rally in solidarity not only with resistance fighters in Kobanê, but with the idea of Rojava. We are inspired and fired up by attempts across Syria, in the middle of so much war and misery, to enact principles of solidarity and mutual aid.

Kobanê is not only fighting against ISIS, it is fighting for a revolution!

Comrades across the world are taking to the streets to support this revolutionary project, often in oppressive circumstances. In Turkey especially, Kurdish resistance faces murderous oppression by the state.

There are thousands of Kurds in London who will be joining this rally – and who have been demonstrating on the streets for weeks – in support of a revolutionary project in the middle east. We encourage all Londoner to stand side by side with them on November 1st in defence of Rojava, and against the attacks of ISIS and the Turkish state.

From solidarity with Palestinian intifada to the Zapatista rising in Chiapas, there are moments when the principles of internationalism become alive. This is one such moment.

BijîBerxwedana Kobanê / Viva Kobanê Resistance”

London: 2pm Trafalgar Square

Leeds: 2pm Briggate

Manchester: 1pm All Saints Park, Oxford Road, M15 6BH


Democratic principles of Rojava

David Graeber, ‘Why is the world ignoring the revolutionary kurds in Syria?’

Global project call out (Italy)

Demo last Saturday at the Turkish Business Ball at the Savoy Hotel, London


Official call-out

London Rally for Kobanê
Date for the Global Rally: 1 November 2014, 2pm

ISIS launched a major multi-front military campaign against the Kurdish region of Kobanê in northern Syria. This is the third ISIS onslaught on Kobanê since March 2014. As the ISIS was unsuccessful on the two previous occasions, they are attacking with larger forces and want to take Kobanê.

In January this year, the Kurds in western Kurdistan (Rojava) established local administrations in the form of three cantons. One of the three cantons formed is Kobanê. The Turkish border is to the north of Kobanê and all the other sides are surrounded by ISIS-controlled territories. The ISIS has approached the Kobanê borders, using US made heavy weapons. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are threatened by the most brutal genocide in modern history. The people of Kobanê are trying to resist using basic weapons against the most brutal attacks of ISIS terrorists, with only the assistance of People’s Protection Unit in Western-Kurdistan, the YPG and YPJ, but without any international help.

Therefore a Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity is vital.

The so-called international coalition to fight the ISIS, have not helped Kurdish resistance effectively despite witnessing the ongoing genocide committed against Kobanê. They have not fulfilled their real international legal obligations. Some of the countries in the coalition, especially Turkey, are among financial and military supporters of the ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

Therefore a Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity is vital.

If the world wants democracy in the Middle East, it should support the Kurdish resistance in Kobanê. Democratic autonomy in Rojava promises a free future for all peoples in Syria. In this regard, the “Rojava Model” – the secular, non-sectarian, democratic position in Rojava is the model which practices unity in diversity.

Act Now

It is high time to give the global players the reason to believe otherwise.

We encourage people all over the world to show their solidarity with Kobanê. Go to the streets and demonstrate.

We urge you to join the Global Rally for Kobanê
Support the Resistance against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity!