Plan C LDN stands in solidarity with our comrades in the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG) Manchester who were attacked by supporters of Tommy Robinson over the weekend. 

Last Saturday, 27th July, over 100 Tommy Robinson supporters marched through Manchester city centre unhindered by a small police presence, to hold an impromptu rally inside the city’s Arndale shopping centre. After unfurling some shit banners and threatening members of the public, the mob attacked comrades in the RCG who were hosting a stall on the street outside to celebrate Cuba’s Revolution Day; hurling physical threats and racially abuse whilst trashing the Group’s table and materials. Unsurprisingly, Greater Manchester Police did nothing to stop the vicious attack despite requests for assistance – no arrests or charges have been made. 

This is the latest in a series of attacks against members of the left by Tommy Robinson’s supporters, who have once again been given a free pass by the Police. In July 2018, a gang of 20 nazi thugs attacked a group of Trade Unionists from the RMT in London who were enjoying a drink after an anti-fascist rally. Several workers were hospitalised after defending themselves from the attack. 

The far right will plan to march in London on Saturday 3rd August once again under the banner of ‘Free Tommy’. We will be there alongside comrades in antifascist, feminist, and migrant solidarity groups to oppose the politics of Tommy Robinson and to show the far right we will never let them have the streets. London is anti-fascist. 

Plan C LDN