Plan C Reading has been formally recognised by the wider Plan C network. We believe that, by creating a recognised Plan C Reading, we can organise with the wider community, thereby intersecting the multiple struggles that our community faces by allowing us to diversify the tactics through which we address the predicaments in our own realities; from antifascism to struggles against gentrification and, in general, building bridges with the wider community here in Reading.

We believe that Plan C can provide a platform for our members who focus on their own struggles, such as unpaid work, militant antifascism, decolonial theory, feminism, anti-gentrification demonstrations and, most important of all, providing the community with a non-hierarchical platform to link these struggles up so as to diversify the methods through we we organise.

Plan C Reading has already re support from various local activist groups in Reading and from Plan C London comrades who will be helping us out with the structuring and organising of our local Plan C. Thus, in order for us to materially organise, we have set up our own Facebook page and membership that subscribes to Reading instead of other nearby groups so as to localise our battle within the wider national and transnational anti-capitalist movement.

Our members are interested in multiple Plan C Clusters, specifically around Democratic Municipalism, Rojava and Social Reproduction. Reading could be a strategic point for our members to show material solidarity to the Rojava revolution as we have two major arms producers that supply the Turkish state. This would allow us to integrate these struggles with our local anti-authoritarian movement.

We have already been organising as Plan C members around the Youth Climate Strike, trying to give material support and solidarity to the school kids who went on strike; they all loved our ‘radical’ Plan C banner. Furthermore, at our last meeting, we said that we would organise, as Plan C Reading members, a public meeting inviting the different Muslim community centres and the Muslim students to lead a public meeting on fighting islamophobia thereby creating a space in order for us to support the community. This would give an opportunity for both Muslims and non-Muslims to bridge gaps in uniting the movement against the rise of fascism, specifically centred around combating islamophobia.

Moreover, we are interested in starting reading groups, inspired by other local Plan C groups such as the Acid Communism events. Our group is keen in starting a Mark Fisher K-Punk Reading group, as part of our collective theoretical advancement.

Our members individually have diverse political backgrounds organising in different groups and spaces, whether that may be with the IWW, antifascism or university student-worker solidarity.

Finally, we believe that it is imperative to organise within Reading which tends to be ignored, as Reading is part of the towns that are close to London, meaning that most of our activists tend to organise within London instead of localising the movement. To do so, a local collective has been kind enough to give us a free space to organise in. This would also allow us to decentralising the movement from the ‘Big City’.

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