Fast Forward Festival 2017
Build Commons, Build Counter-power: Programme

In less than a month more than 200 of us will gather at a beautiful site called Thornbridge Outdoors in the Peak District National Park, to eat, drink, walk, discuss, strategise, and party together.

We are very excited to announce the line up for Fast Forward 2017


Friday 1st September

5-6pm: WTF sessions and first workshops

6-7.30pm: Dinner*
Baked Potato + Chilli + Cheese + Courgette Salad.
Dessert: Roast Pears + Chocolate Sauce.

7.30-9pm: Build Commons, Build Counterpower (Plenary)

9pm… DJs, dancing, bar, film screenings, Spoken Word Roulette!


Saturday 2nd September

8-9.30am: Breakfast

9-9.30am: Mass workout!

9.30-11am: Cities in Common – Against and Beyond the Nation State? (Plenary)

11.30am-1pm: Workshops II

1-2.30pm: Lunch
Pasta Bake + Green Salad

2.30-4pm: Workshops III

4.30-6pm: Workshops IV

6-8pm: Dinner
Squash & Halloumi Curry + Kohlrabi Salad.
Dessert: Crumble + Custard.

8pm… DJs, dancing, bar, film screenings, Poetry in a time of Politics, and a Sesh with the June 8th Shitposting Social Club!


Sunday 3rd September

8-10am: Breakfast

10am-12pm: Workshops V

12.30-2pm: Tactics of Counter-power (Plenary)

2-3pm: Lunch (to go)
Banana + Roasted Pepper & Feta sandwich + Flapjack

3pm… Leave the site

That’s it folks, don’t forget to grab your ticket soon!


Kids Programme

We have a wonderful kids programme with a great mixture of exploring the beautiful and exciting surroundings – treasure hunts, den building and exploring. Added to that we will put on a play, learn circus skills, watch films, go foraging, make fires and whatever else takes our fancy! All ages welcome to join, 1 to 101!

The kids programme has its own dedicated space on site – The Lodge.

NB. There is no kids space during main meals, but kids will start eating earlier.


Friday 1st September

4.30-5.30pm: Kids Space opening circle. All kids and parents.
5-5.30pm: Explore around the site
5.30-6pm: Kids dinner
7.30-9pm: Film


Saturday 2nd September

9-9.30am: Kids Space opening circle. All kids and parents.
9.30-11.30am: Treasure hunt
11.30am-12.30pm: Choice of fire lighting, craft.
12.30-1pm: Kids lunch
14.30-5.30pm: Choice of play rehearsal, circus skills or den building.
17.30-6pm: Kids dinner
6.45-7.30pm: Kids play performance
19.30-9pm: Film


Sunday 3rd September

10.00am-12.30pm: Choice of fire lighting, craft.
12.30-2pm: Expedition for picnic lunch and closing circle
2pm: End of kids space


Kids can come for free, so you don’t need to buy them tickets, just let us know who’s coming!
NB. For this purpose ‘kids’ means 16 and under, but as above, anyone can join the kids’ programme.


A version of this programme will be available later in August as a nice pdf, and all attendees will be bestowed with a beautiful riso-printed hard copy. The kids’ programme is not included here but we can assure you it is looking excellent.

* Vegan and kids’ options will be provided. Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances on the booking form when you pick up tickets.

This post is one of a series announcing all the plenaries, workshops and entertainment at Plan C’s Fast Forward Festival this year. On Facebook? Join the event and follow the page for the latest.