A year ago yesterday, Alan Kurdi, a Kurdish toddler, washed up on the beaches of Europe and his much photographed dead body sparked outrage amongst populations, and the promise of action from politicians. Today there is silence as a boy is murdered in Kobane by the Turkish incursion, and  the mostly Kurdish population of Rojava face the terror of this current player who has entered Syria in order to destroy the civilians of Rojava and their ideology of freedom, true democracy, egalitarianism and women’s liberation.

This silence from Europe and the US is consent for Turkey’s military invasion. This notably comes as the People’s Protection Units – the YPG – give many, many lives being the frontline in the battle against ISIS, and most recently been supported for liberating Manbij, and after many months of support and cover. Now, job done, the Turkish military is given free reign to move in and continue it’s war against the Kurdish population.

The resistance and resilience of the people of Kurdistan, or the spirit of Rojava will not be crushed by any military, be it ISIS or Turkey. We stand not only with Rojava but with those in Turkey fighting for a freer, more liberated future. We are angry about the LGBT people murdered with impunity on the streets of Istanbul as well as the 40 Kurdish civilians murdered in Jarabulus. We are angry at the open secret of the links between the AKP and ISIS, and the wave upon wave of oppression faced by the Kurdish people and liberation organisations.


This is the same struggle and the same oppressors.

We call upon our communities to speak out, act against and resist the Turkish state in all it’s manifestations of oppression.

We call for international pressure against military operations against the Kurdish people, and all civilians.

We call for further investigations into the links between ISIS and Turkey as documented by the PYD.

Everything for Everyone,

Plan C Rojava Cluster.