On the 25th January 2015, the far-left party Syriza was elected to power in the Hellenic parliamentary elections. By the party’s own admissions, Syriza’s economic policy amounts to little more than a ‘mild Keynesianism’ – yet the very possibility of a challenge to the new normal of austerity marks a radical break in the last 25 years of European electoral politics.

Syriza’s election – or more precisely, the disruption to the inevitable downward spiral of ‘balancing the budgets’ – has made the international news circuit, taking up headlines on a daily basis. Yet what’s commonly overlooked is the movements, the discontent, and the desire for the future upon which this electoral phenomenon has drawn its energy.

Working with a team of independent Greek journalists – Paul Mason (Channel 4 economics editor & author of Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere) – has begun producing a feature length documentary about the rise of Syriza, and it’s first 100 days in office. If Paul’s previous work is anything to go by, this documentary is likely to go beyond fetishizing the party, asking important questions about the relationship between autonomous movements and the electoral form.

Paul Mason is asking for help in funding this independent film, and we’re asking our followers to help out where they can. Please check out more about the documentary here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/greece-dreams-take-revenge

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