This is a short statement and call out from our comrades in the radical newspaper collective Drasi about the murder of Pavlos Fyssas an antifacist living in Piraeus.
The day that should not have dawned …

Yesterday’s murder of Paul Fyssas had been prepared long ago.

Prepared by the neo-Nazis , with their constant violent attacks on immigrants, gays and left militants.

Prepared by the state, with their right wing politics and overt support of the members of Golden Dawn.

Prepared by the media with their “theory of extremes” and continuous delivery of the murderers in the

pages of lifestyle and not only there.

Prepared by the police, which has for years, hundreds of times, worked and masked these criminals.

Finally, it was allowed by the widespread apathy of a part of society that moves- for years now- between

the dangerous patriotism and nationalism,  between conspiracy theories and social cannibalism,

between apathy and nationalistic delirium .

A society that allowed many crimes to be done before we got to this.

Today dawned the day which should not have dawned .

We are faced with only one option.

The egg of the snake is here.

To crush fascism and its roots today and forever.

All out to the anti-fascist gathering, today 18:00 P.Tsaldari 68 in Amfiali, and fascist gatherings across


All out to the streets.

Collective of the labor newspaper Action



For information about Pavlos’s murder and the responses already head to –  – the banner image is of an attack on a Golden Dawn office from today

A list of demonstrations already called can be found here.