This weekend, during Monday and Wednesday strike days, and up to and including the TUC demo on Saturday 18th we are asking people to STRIKE UP conversation with other people about what it means to be on strike. these could be one line questions or a whole dialogue.

Ask on the school runs or the picket lines, ask over facebook or in person, and publish on social media using the hashtag #strikeup OR email your answers to Photos would be wonderful!

We hope you’ll steal some moments back and do this in your worktime….

Suggested questions include, but are by no means limited to:

What do you think work will be like in the future?
What would you like the future of work to be like?
What have you had to differently with your day because you are onstrike?
Why is it/ isn’t it possible for you to strike?
What do you hate about work?
How close to your full desires is ‘we demand a payrise’?
What do you think will change as a result of the strike?

“another ‪#‎strikeup‬ from yesterday, a Mum i’d never met before.she hadn’t heard of a strike before but in a short conversation reached the same political conclusions many of us have. “i don’t work, not at the moment, but i really want to. well, i say i really want to but what every lady wants is to be with her child all the time. sometimes i think Mother’s should be paid for being with their children not putting them in nursery and have to work. i want more money though. but i want less work. More pay, less work!”
– Leeds, Saturday October 11th