A member of Plan C Manchester

As a communist and an antifascist I’ve come to Rojava to join the revolution happening here. The social transformations taking place are a shining example of what revolutionaries, with dedication and courage, can achieve in just a short amount a time. The victories for social justice, women’s liberation and the ongoing demand for freedom are beacons of hope for the local cultures of the Middle East and the world.

I have come to Rojava to answer the call for more international volunteers to participate in civil work. I am working alongside my comrades in Plan C as an English teacher. Working in civil society is of vital importance and communists across the world have little excuse not to come and support this revolution. A revolution is more than just a front line, at its core are the structures and the work that is done to transform society.

I have also come to Rojava to learn from it. I have questions and criticisms. The revolution here is not a traditional Marxist revolution, or an anarchist one. Its clear that this is something new and dynamic, something that we can learn from at a period of disorientation and anxiety in what’s left of the communist movement.

I’m sad to leave my friends, family and comrades, even for the relatively short time I will be here, but in Rojava I can feel the victory and freedom which I long for for my loved ones and my class to feel back home.

Long live Freedom
Long live Resistance
Long live Proletarian Internationalism