On Thursday 6th November, Turkish troops murdered Kader Ortakaya, a young woman, at the Turkey-Syria border near Kobanê. She was taking part in a “human chain” demonstration when she was shot in the head.

In the last month Turkish soldiers and police have killed around 50 Kurds and others protesting inside Turkey.

Meanwhile, across the border in Syrian Kurdistan, the people of Kobanê continue to hold out under prolonged siege by the fascists of ISIS. They are surrounded by ISIS on three sides, and blockaded by Turkey on the fourth. Turkey still refuses to let through reinforcements or supplies through. Turkey continues to collaborate with ISIS in killing the Kurds and trying to stifle the shoots of social revolution in Kurdistan.

Two weeks ago about 50 people blockaded the Turkish chamber of commerce ball at the Savoy Hotel, just one of many demonstrations and actions in London and across the world. The aim was to send a message of solidarity to Kobanê and the Turkish occupied streets. And to send a message to the Turkish authorities: you cannot kill in silence and unopposed.

We need to build the pressure. On Tuesday the Turkish ambassador will be hosting a Turkish Chamber of Commerce “networking event” for business at the City of London’s newest skyscraper 20 Fenchurch St (the “walkie-talkie” building with the car-melting rays).

We will be there. Join us. Bring banners and things to make noise.

London Rojava Solidarity.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/394311587386992/