Rojava Solidarity Cluster

As part of the fundraising undertaken by the Plan C Rojava Solidarity cluster a comrade was provided with a sum of cash to buy essential medical supplies to provide direct medical support for the YPG and YPJ fighting in Rojava.

The comrade was one of two UK-based anarchists who have recently spent a number of months in Rojava engaging in both political work and healthcare support. The money provided was spent in Europe on medical supplies that are very difficult or impossible to purchase in Rojava such as chest seals, hemostatic dressings, chest decompression needles, and high quality trauma bandages.

Gear 2 Gear 1

These items were then transported into Rojava and either used by the medic or provided to YPG/YPJ affiliated medics to use themselves. During their time in Rojava the medic treated or was involved in treating approximately 350 patients, mainly fighters but also civilians targeted by Daesh. These patients had a variety of battlefield injuries including single and multiple gunshots, blast injuries from artillery shells, mines, or IEDs, and burns. The supplies provided by Plan C were incredibly useful and life saving in a number of cases. Funding raised from the cluster also went towards funding a school bus.

school bus 2

plan c bus A school bus in Rojava, part-funded by the cluster

The comrades will be giving a report on the politics of Rojava and current situation there at the London Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 29 th October. Location and talk details can be found at nearer the time.

They are also available from the start of October for talks/discussions at other venues, if you would like to arrange this contact them via – label emails “Rojava Cluster”.