We republish this call, originally posted by Global Project, to participate to the Venice Climate Meeting this spring. As the climate crisis becomes more explicit and brutal, let’s strengthen our transnational connections to challenge fossil capital and extractivism!

The latest pictures of Australia on fire and the images of Venice covered by an extraordinary high tide in November point out, on different scales, to the same phenomenon, the climate crisis, and the same urgency of acting with resolution.

In Italy, the system based on mega works, with its heritage of bribery and repression, has proven to be a model of production responsible for the climate crisis. This system is a synonymous of environmental devastation (let’s consider, for instance, the MOSE, cruises ships, the Land of Fires, the TAV); it implies the preservation of a model based on fossil fuels (let’s think about the TAP and the drillings); it is linked to war dynamics and to their horrific nuclear evolution (do you know MUOS and the many military sites spread all over the peninsula?). If capitalism, thanks to its ideology of infinite growth, is the first responsible for the climate crisis, the gears of mega works is the Italian way to extractivism.

This call is thus addressed to all people, associations and movements for climate justice, and the local committees that fight their struggle against useless and harmful mega projects. Let’s meet in Venice to demonstrate and to open a wide space of action for climate justice, a space with local roots that is indeed able to look at the European and the worldwide situation, a space wherein the climate justice may be declined as anti-capitalist and feminist, against the fossil economy (even the “green” one, with its colonial bounds on the Global South).

Let’s come together to discuss, to act, to organise the struggle. In front of the climate crisis, the only possible scenario is the climate revolution. Let’s do our part!

PROGRAM (in progress):

28/03: National and international meeting on climate justice
29/03: Climate justice strike

For those who will join us from abroad, we will organise the hospitality (more details to come).
For info and submission: veniceclimatemeeting@protonmail.com